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Professional oral hygieneProfessional oral hygiene is one of the most common methods of prevention, which allows you to prevent such diseases as caries, periodontitis. Professional hygiene is a set of measures to keep the oral cavity healthy. Professional hygiene includes ultrasound cleaning, Air Flow cleaning, teeth polishing, and the use of remineralizing materials.

Professional hygiene is recommended to be done twice a year, especially before prosthetics and implants.

Professional hygiene is not only a preventive measure but also a diagnostic method, because, after professional hygiene, pathological processes become clearer, even in the initial stage.


Ultrasound cleaning of tartar

Ultrasound cleaning of tartarUltrasound removes hard plaque, tartar. The ultrasound system easily removes not only the surface but also interteeth tartar, which is considered very dangerous because it causes a number of diseases of the oral cavity. If professional hygiene is done properly on time, the patient can avoid frequent problems with teeth and gums.


Air Flow system

Air Flow systemThe Air Flow system cleans soft plaque - food particles, pigments, as well as tobacco-induced discoloration. Under pressure, sodium bicarbonate powder with water forms a processing stream that easily and absolutely harmlessly cleans hard tooth tissues. After using this method, the teeth stay smooth, clean, and beautiful for a long time.


Teeth polishing

Teeth polishingSpecial materials are used to polish the surface of the teeth, which allows avoiding the accumulation of food debris in the future.


Rehabilitation therapy

Rehabilitation therapyAfter professional oral hygiene, remineralizing therapy can be performed, for which various fluoride-containing substances are used, due to which the enamel strengthens.