Orthodontic BracesBraces are used as the main means of correcting the position of the teeth. Braces are fasteners with a metal bridge inserted into them. This means that the bridge tends to return to its original position, thereby gradually moving teeth. Not an instant, but a guaranteed result is expected. In order to start the treatment, the orthodontist performs an examination and diagnosis, after which doctor creates a treatment plan. Then chooses the braces based on the complexity of your treatment, budget and preferance. During the whole treatment you are under doctor's the control and as a result you get a healthy smile.

What types of braces are there?

The braces differ according to the location on the tooth and can be:

vestibular or external braces (located on the outside of the tooth)

lingual braces (located on the inside of the tooth)


Comparison of braces


According to the type of material the braces can be:








According to the connection of brackets and wires, they can be:

Traditional braces (using ligatures)

Self-ligating braces (without ligatures)



Braces for adultsThere is a stereotype that braces are used only in orthodontic treatment of children and adolescents. That's why many adult patients don't even think about correcting the bite. However, modern orthodontics allows you to correct the bite and aesthetics at any age. Adults may need to wear braces, as incorrect bites not only spoil aesthetics but also lead to health problems.