White teethIn modern times, a smile is one of the components of an attractive appearance and indicates signs of health and success. Discolored teeth are a matter of aesthetics that influence the quality of life.
Tooth discoloration is due to pigments that accumulate on the tooth surface or in deep tissues.

Tooth discoloration occurs because of various reasons, which can be divided into three main groups:


External this type of discoloration is caused by coffee, tea, smoking, and poor oral hygiene. They are easy to clean as a result of professional oral hygiene.

Internal the type of discoloration in which the pigment permeates more in-depth into the tissue, the dentin. This discoloration can be cleaned only by teeth whitening, and the result depends on the degree of discoloration.

Aging discoloration with age is considered external; they have little penetration into the tooth enamel. This discoloration is usually easily whitened.



• gum diseases
• age until 18 years
• pregnancy or breastfeeding

It is important to note that if the person has crowns, filled teeth, or veneers, they cannot change their color during whitening.


Teeth whiteningThe process of teeth whitening

During the consultation, the doctor estimates the color of the teeth and the oral cavity state.

Professional hygiene
Before teeth whitening, it is necessary to provide the patient's oral hygiene professionally; otherwise, you will not have a preferable result.

Therapeutic treatment
Before teeth whitening, the front teeth must be healthy. Caries cavities can be the cause of discomfort and pain, both during and after the whitening process. That is why the treatment of caries cavities before teeth whitening is essential.

Before teeth whitening, the doctor must take a photo of the denture.

Then the doctor thoroughly isolate the soft tissues.
The lips are covered with an oily cream while the gums with a flowing rubber dam gel serve as protection from light and bad whitening substance effects.

Light whitening —  is the most efficient, fastest, and latest whitening method. A whitening gel is applied to the teeth, which is further activated by a special light. 

Finally the oral cavity is cleaned, and the teeth are covered with restorative gel.

Note that whitening is not a one-time intervention; it must be repeated from time to time to maintain the whitening result.