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Pulpitis - inflammation of the tooth's soft tissue, the pulp.Pulpitis is an inflammation of the tooth's soft tissue, the pulp, which is caused by the penetration of pathogenic microorganisms. Severe pain can be seen both because of thermal, mechanical, and autogenous stimuli.

Pulpitis is often caused by caries and can also result from a doctor's slip - low-quality filling or use of various chemicals.

Pulpitis sometimes can emerge in such injuries as crown and tooth fractures.


Signs of Pulpitis

Pulpitis is characterized by severe pain, especially at night. The pain spreads to the ear and the temple region of the head. In the beginning, the pain is rare and disappears soon. Later the pain intensifies, becomes more often and long. The pain reaches its peak when the serous inflammation is replaced by purulent, and during this time, there can be a terrible pain that can cause fainting.


Pulpitis treatment: tooth nerve removal

Pulpitis treatment

Painkillers only help in the initial period, but unfortunately, patients visit the doctor too late. When the acute phase's inflammation passes to the chronic, degree and the painkillers, do not help anymore. Treatment of pulpitis begins with anesthesia.

In the serous stage, it is still possible to carry out the treatment by preserving the cortex.

In the purulent stage, the diseased cortex (nerve) is completely removed, root canals are filled.