VeneersVeneers are orthopedic structures that can be used to modify the color and form of a tooth. Veneers are not new and are a time-tested method for those who want to get a Hollywood smile in a short time. Veneers are partial crowns that cover the teeth only on the vestibular (external) side.

The advantages of veneers

  • they are aesthetic
  • they are light
  • teeth are elaborated slightly
  • they allow you to correct small inclination of teeth without orthodontic intervention

Veneers are made of ceramics, so it is possible to give them any shape and choose the whitest shades. Veneers are thin, so the tooth is elaborated lightly, touching upon the thickness of the veneer.



  • Fractures or cracks of the hard tooth tissue
  • Tooth discoloration
  • If the patient is not satisfied with the aesthetics of teeth
  • Fluorosis
  • Enamel hypoplasia
  • Erosion-necrosis of the hard tissues of the tooth
  • Pathologic erosion of tooth's cutting edge
  • Improperly installed or noticeable filling

Veneers are installed only on the front teeth. While on side teeth, which are seen while smiling, ceramic crowns are placed. They do not vary with their appearance from veneers. All this is done so that the teeth that carry a high chewing load be strong and durable. And this does not indicate that veneers are fragile, but instead, they should be used more carefully. People should always use sliced food and refuse to bite apples, as presented in commercials for different kinds of toothpaste.

 There is one crucial requirement while installing a veneer: the tooth shouldn't be dead. Only crowns should be installed on the dead teeth. The reason for this is that the dead teeth become brittle throughout time. That is why they must be covered entirely.



  • Dead tooth
  • Bruxism - the habit of grinding teeth in sleep
  • Caries - should be treated
  • Particular biting disorders, in which case orthodontic intervention is needed before the installation of the veneers


Hollywood smile - VeneersVeneers are quite expensive, but they can be used to gain a Hollywood smile, a symbol of health. A beautiful smile makes people feel confident and successful.